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Life-Changing Health Benefits of Coffee

Most people, whether you are a gym junkie or prefer the company of your couch, start the day by drinking their favorite type of coffee. But did you [...]

Why Gardening is Good for Your Health

Here at Live Fit Lean we really want to help you guys live a healthier and happier life. That is why we got in touch with the people at WhatShed to bring you [...]
fantastic ways to get the most out of your workout

Fantastic Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Workout

Let’s be honest, it can take us a whole heap of motivation to actually take on a workout sometimes. Especially if we are feeling particularly stressed or [...]
benefits of yoga

The Very Many Benefits Of Yoga For Fitness

  Yoga, is it all it’s cracked up to be?  It seems that a modern resurgence of popularity and interest in the art/science has given many of us [...]
gym workout must-haves

Fitness Secrets From The Pros

  Have you ever wondered how Mo Farah can run those marathons and make it look as easy as pie?   Or how Usain Bolt can ensure his body [...]

All The Gear But No Idea? Gym Workout Must-Haves

Many people enjoy going to the gym and working out. They may choose to attend an aerobic class where you have a specific routine to follow or simply use some [...]
heavy squat

4 Reasons Not To Be A Gym Junkie

  You want to get fit, so you head to a gym. It is a reasonable and well-informed decision to make. After all, there are plenty of health benefits of [...]
Triathlon workout

Triathlon Training: The Ultimate Way To Get Fit

Getting fit is all about trying new things and aiming to push yourself harder each and every day. If you do the same workout routines every week, you’ll [...]
indoor or outdoor training

Who Has The Better Workout: The Gym Bunny Or The Outdoor Fiend?

Every person who enjoys partaking in a little bit of exercise now and then has a workout routine that they swear by. It could be the traditional weights [...]