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More Than Just Willpower: How To Find Your Workout Motivation

If there's one thing that just about everyone has in common, it's the fact that finding workout motivation is far from easy. Sure, there are probably [...]
a body's for life

A Body’s For Life: Not Just For Summer

  A lot of people work out purely to lose weight. They will hit the gym for three months a year, simply to prepare for summer. Then, once the [...]

The 5 Rs Of Fitness Success

Regardless of your past successes or disappointments, it is always possible to improve your fitness. There are lots of reasons why you might not have achieved [...]
summer activities

7 Summer Activities to Keep You Fit

Summer is the best season for being outdoors. Not only are there lots of activities to get involved in, it’s an excuse to soak up some warm vitamin D and [...]
4 Active Ways to Approach Getting Fit

4 Active Ways to Approach Getting Fit

Getting fit can mean different things to different people. For some, it could mean losing weight, while for others it's about building stamina or maybe muscle. [...]
the truth about protein

The Truth About Protein And Your Muscles

A lot of people have become quite excited by the idea that muscle mass and bulking is a great way to stay healthy, fit, and lean. Many people believe they can [...]

Different Ways to Motivate Yourself Pre-Gym

We all have those days where we feel like we can’t drag ourselves to the gym. No matter how hard we try to get motivated, all we want to do is chill at home [...]
motivate your body

How to Motivate Your Body by 15 Minutes Exercises

Introduction You do not have to become a gym bunny or run a marathon to lose weight and become more motivated to exercise. A 15 minute workout packed full of [...]
enhance your fitness

Workout Gear To Enhance Your Fitness Regime

One of the best things about working out is that there are some fitness programs that don’t require any special equipment. All you need is some loose, [...]