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Easy Ways To Get Fit and Exercise For Less

If you were planning to get fit and exercise more this year, then how are things going? There can be many obstacles to start with that can demotivate you and [...]
women body building

What You Need For Competition Day

  If it is your first bodybuilding competition, then one of the things you will quickly learn is that the competitor that takes home the crown [...]
best fitness careers

5 Of The Best Careers That Keep You And Other People Fit & Healthy!

You might not think it, but there are a plethora of career opportunities out there for people that enjoy keeping fit on the job! For many people, the idea of [...]
Getting Your Day Off To A Flying Start

Getting Your Day Off To A Flying Start

Why is it that so many of us have a hatred of the morning time? After all, this is a brand new day, full of possibilities, and what isn’t exciting about [...]
drink water

Why You Shouldn’t Force Yourself to Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Day

Ever since we were kids, we have been told to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. In the fear of upsetting our elders, we forced ourselves to gulp [...]
Tips on Acquiring a Perfect Butt

Tips on Acquiring a Perfect Butt

  The quest to have a perfect butt make people invest in butt enhancing shapewear, surgeries and enhancement cream. I compiled a list of workouts that [...]
Five Simple Exercises that Develop Strength and Agility for Sports

Five Simple Exercises that Develop Strength and Agility for Sports

While professional athletes sure make it look easy on whatever court they play on, competing in individual sports, such as tennis, demands more power, speed, [...]
weightloss with fitness trackers

Weight loss through fitness trackers – Is it trustworthy and how you can lose weight by counting calories

  Fitness trackers have become a necessity for anyone wanting to cut calories as their form of losing weight.  The databases behind these trackers [...]
Exercise Habit

7 Tips to Restart the Exercise Habit after a Holiday Break

Admit it. It’s been a month – or two – since you last visited the gym. You had too much going on in your plate plus the holiday season got you busy, [...]