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woman ill on treadmill

Should You Get Fit When You’re Sick?

This question often arises when your active lifestyle and a fixed schedule of training is being broken by an illness. Unfortunately, it happens, and no one is [...]
balanced rocks

Best Ways to Boost Mental Health and General Wellness

It’s striking that 1 in 5 people are reported to experience ill-mental health in their lifetime. While when we’re physically ill we take time off from [...]
CBD for back pain.

The Benefits of CBD Oil for Back Pain and Other Medical Issues

CBD oil is an extract of cannabidiol a marijuana extract that does not have psychoactive properties. Its lack of addictiveness makes it a viable option [...]
man watching computer screen in bed at night

A Few Solutions to Insomnia

Insomnia is popularly described as an inability to fall asleep when you want to. However, insomnia can take a variety of forms, and there are even more [...]
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Bored Of The Gym? Try These Options To Kickstart Your Fitness Regime

We all know that being more active is part of a healthy lifestyle, and yet, many of us can often get a little bored of heading to the gym. Walking on a [...]
the difference between indoor and outdoor activities

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor activities?

There are a lot of activities you can enjoy and all of them can be split up into two large groups - indoor and outdoor ones. Actually, it isn't difficult [...]

How to Do a Cranberry Detox

Detoxing your body is the process of getting rid of the accumulated toxins in the intestines, kidneys, lymphatic system, and other organs of the body. Toxic [...]
resting after workout

Can CBD Help You On Your Weight-Loss Journey?

When it comes to losing weight, there’s no avoiding the hard work: change your eating habits, exercise more, and stick to it. Still, there’s no [...]
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How To Defend Yourself With Confidence

Pexels Many of us chase peace and how to become more relaxed in everyday life. We know stress is bad for us, we know that acting and reacting with a [...]

Why We Do Things That We Know Are Bad For Us?

There are more people in the world that are trying to fight the urge to be self-indulgent than you can imagine. Self-indulgence to the point where you’re [...]
naked meal replacement

Almond Butter Meal Replacement Smoothie

When you’re trying to lose weight and get into shape, meal replacement shakes are a great alternative to those unhealthy meals that you might find yourself [...]
maintain motivation

4 Tactics To Maintain Motivation When Working Out

Apart from people telling me that they just don't have time to work out, the other major excuse I hear is that they just can't get themselves motivated to [...]
garden gym

How to Create the Perfect Garden Gym

With the number of health-conscious people rising, it can be challenging to find a suitable commercial gym at busy hours. In addition, with pricey memberships [...]
beautiful smile

10 Point Checklist To Get A Beautiful Smile Naturally

Do you want to to get a beautiful smile naturally? Remember that any smile is beautiful.  A smile is considered as the various emotionally [...]
CBD Edibles

6 CBD Edibles That You Should Absolutely Try

CBD edibles are a great option as they are easy to consume and have a lasting effect compared to options like smoking and vaping. The consumer demand for them [...]
Is your pain real

139 Re-Frame Your Pain – Is It Even Real?

Sean Pastuch is in that minority of people who make the Earth spin as it does; not as a passive contributor, but as a relentless, forward-thinking agent [...]
cannabis and sleep

Cannabis And Insomnia: 10 Facts That You Need To Know

Insomnia is one of the most prevalent health issues that plague people of all ages and across the world. Not being able to get enough sleep can have a [...]
life coaching for recovery

9 Ways Life Coaches Are Helpful for Those in Recovery

What does your recovery support network look like? If you don't have a life coach in the mix, you may want to consider working with one, even if you have [...]
Ep 138 with Jon O'Keeffe

138 How Cookies Transformed My Life

Jon O'Keefe was unhappy, stressed out, gaining weight, felt bloated and doughy - and didn't really realize it. Then he hit rock bottom when half of his [...]
connecting with others for wellness

The Power Of Connecting With Others During A Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy living, while resoundingly worth it, isn’t the easiest thing you can do. Making the right choices can become your new normal and feel like a [...]