7 Activities That Do More Than Just Make You Sweat!

Exercising to improve fitness is a noble and worthwhile goal, but let be honest, sometimes we need a bit more motivation than just that. In fact, to keep us motivated, it can really help to know about the additional benefits of a particular activity. Happily, all the exercises below do more than just get your heart rate up and make you sweat. Keep reading to find out more.




Yoga is a hugely popular exercise activity, but if you think its’ benefits stop at working up a sweat and improving flexibility, you’d be wrong. In fact, plenty of people actually engage in this form of exercise, because it’s a form of moving meditation.



What this means is that while you are working your muscles, improving your core, and boosting your strength, you are also getting much more in touch with your breathing and embodied experience. This can be hugely beneficial because it can help us to be in the moment, accept what is going on in our bodies and mind, and provide a quiet space for reflection on our lives, which can also facilitate emotional healing.  Something that you would do well to remember next time you consider skipping your yoga class.


Lifting Weights


Next, if you are looking for an activity with benefits that go beyond just working up a sweat, lifting weights is a great choice. Of course, it’s well worth knowing that by increasing muscle mass, you can make your body much more efficient in the way it burns calories. Something that can help you maintain a healthy weight and remain fit and healthy for as long as possible.


However, this is not the only benefit to weightlifting. In fact, there are several more, all of which can help to get you out of a warm and toasty bed, and into the gym on even the coldest of mornings.


One is that the strength that you build in the gym can actually help you in your day to day life as well, making everyday tasks much easier. Then there is the fact that lifting weights can really improve your bone density, something that is particularly important to address as we age.


Of course, if even after learning about all these benefits you are struggling to get the results you are looking for in this area, then you can recruit some help from one of the many Muscle Building Personal Trainers that specialize in this area. In fact, having someone to provide you with a lifting and nutrition plan to follow, and hold you accountable can not only boost your gains but amplify the other benefits as well.




Often associated with boxers that are looking to get fit while remaining nimble skipping has some serious health benefits. One is that you can burn as many calories in a 10-minute session as you would in a 45-minute run, something that is a significant benefit for those that are short on time to work out!



It’s also way better for your joints than pounding the pavement, day in and day out as well, and can help improve balance too. Therefore, if are struggling to find the energy and motivation for lengthy exercise activities, investing a skipping rope might just be an excellent idea.




The critical additional benefit to dancing is that it’s a heck of a lot of fun, as well as being fantastic for cardiovascular health, balance, and posture!


I mean it’s obvious really isn’t it, because where do people go on a night out when they want to let loose? They go to a club to dance!


In fact, you will find that throughout the country there are plenty of dance clubs that work on a more social basis, allowing you to get all the benefits from this type of activity without even having to set foot in the gym!


Of course, they are ideal places for meeting new people and expanding your social groups as well, which makes dancing an activity that has much wider benefits than the purely physical.


Home Chores


Who doesn’t love to get all those bring jobs crossed off their to-do list so they can enjoy their evening or weekend without having to worry about them?


The thing is that people often forget that rolling your sleeves up and doing some cleaning and organizing around the home is also a fantastic way of building up a sweat and staying fit.


In fact, while you are cleaning your kitchen cupboards, scrubbing the floors, or washing the windows, you will not only be getting a great sense of achievement, but you will also be burning off those calories too. Something that makes this a fantastic choice for physical exercise with the added bonus of feeling entirely virtuous that your house is spick and span as well. Now, if that isn’t motivating, I don’t know what is!  




Hiking across medium to challenging terrain can be a fantastic way of getting your heart pumping and improving your overall fitness, especially if you do it on a regular basis. However, the advantages of getting your boots on and getting out into nature don’t end there.


In fact, getting outdoors in the natural sunlight is hugely beneficial because it allows you skin access to vitamin D. This is needed for bone growth, and so is essential to good health.



Also, many folks report mental health benefits from spending time outside and away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. So remember, next time you are struggling to find the motivation to strap on your backpack you aren’t just going to get fit, but also to provide yourself with some space to breathe, think, and just be, without all the pressures and demands of everyday life!


Team Games


Lastly, team games are a great way of getting fit. In fact, many of them act as a modifier form of HIIT because they require fast transitions from walking to jogging, to running full pelt.


There is more to team games basketball than just working up a sweat.



Many team games such as football, hockey, and basketball also require excellent hand-eye coordination and lateral thinking too, something that means you will get additional benefits from these types of activities.


Of course, the key benefit to team game is the social interaction they provide, along with a sense of identity and camaraderie that can be gained from working with others towards a shared goal. In fact, the additional benefit of a shared sense of fun and responsibility can not only be enjoyable but also help to keep you motivated to regularly attend sessions as well. Something that makes team sports an excellent choice for both to improve your fitness, and to boost your life in general!


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