5 Undeniable Reasons Everyone Should Adore Cycling

Cycling is great for individuals ranging from beginner to expert and offers many health benefits, making it an ideal workout. Unlike other cardio activities cycling offers the ability to burn calories while preventing negative effects on the body. These 5 reasons will hopefully convince you why so many people choose cycling as their main cardio workout.

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Less Joint Pain & Aches


Everyone can relate to getting a good cardio session in and then waking up the next day regretting pushing yourself to the fullest only to feel the after effects the next day. Unlike other cardio methods you’ll find that cycling reduces the amount of joint pain and lower body aches that other activities tend to cause.


Less tension is put on the knees and ankles, so if you’re someone who suffers from arthritis or any other lower body injuries, cycling can help minimize any associated soreness and pain while working out and the next day during recovery. Cycling bikes can also come with extra padding and cushioning for the seating, backing, and also elbows, thus helping support your frame as you workout.


Elevated Heart Rate i.e. “fat burning mode”


Some individuals tend to believe that if you’re not using your whole body during cardio, you’re not going to be burning much fat. This is a myth. As long as you meet your ideal target heart rate (you can find calculators online) you’ll be pleased to know that you can burn just as much fat and calories as other activities.


As long as you consistently stay in this target heart rate you’re guaranteed to burn just as many calories if not more than running or jogging. You’re not going to get a full body workout as other methods, however as long as you push yourself you’re going to see the results.




Cycling also offers you the opportunity to leisurely workout while watching your favorite TV shows. Some recumbent bikes actually have built in screens or offer a holder to place your tablet, phone, or book.

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This makes it easier to enjoy a workout as opposed to just relying on pure mental motivation.  Who wouldn’t want to catch up on their favorite TV shows while cycling in the comfort of their own home? Shifting your focus onto TV shows or other entertainment can help distract you and make your workout pass by quickly.


If you like to cycle outdoors, you can get one of the cycling headphones to make your cycling habit enjoyable.




Cycling can offer you a few different options when it comes to its effectiveness. Recumbent bikes usually come with preset programs that offer you variation in distance, time, and resistance. These options give you the ability to customize your workout to your liking.


You can also choose to complete workouts quicker depending on how much effort you put into cycling. As mentioned above you can customize settings to help maximize your workout. By changing up the settings you can be setting yourself up for more calorie and fat burning in a smaller amount of time.


Inexpensive Investment


I’m not going to lie and tell you that recumbent bikes are the cheapest workout equipment in the world, because they’re not. However there are numerous different models on the market ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand.


A majority of this cost is going to consist of what your ideal preferences are when choosing the features on your bike. If you’re looking into LED HD screens involving simulated environments, TV shows, and access to apps, you’re going to be looking at a much heavier price range.


If you’re just looking for the basics, which are more than enough to get an effective workout, then you’re going to be able to find one in a cheaper range. If you’re not going to try and invest in your own bike there is always the option to choose a gym membership, as most gyms offer access to spin and recumbent bikes.



In conclusion


Cycling can help you meet your fitness goals a lot quicker than you think. If you’re looking for a more convenient method of cardio that gives just as effective results as other methods then cycling could be a great option for you.

Cycling reduces the risk of injury, joint pain, soreness, and an overall lead to a more pleasant experience when trying to fulfill your fitness goals. If you’re not convinced that cycling is better than other activities, then go ahead and and give it a try before you judge.


I’m James Hood from FitnessAbout.com. I’m a vegan bodybuilder and a passionate blogger from Detroit. I believe in holistic development and likes to cut the BS promoted my media about health.

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