The 5 Rs Of Fitness Success

Regardless of your past successes or disappointments, it is always possible to improve your fitness. There are lots of reasons why you might not have achieved all you wanted to achieve so far. Trying the same things over and again could become futile and frustrating. If you want to achieve fitness success, why not try to follow these 5 Rs to inspire you and keep you on track for as long as you need:


Having a reason for improving your fitness is a good idea. And having three or four good reasons is even better. Be wary of your choices though. It’s important to understand what fitness means. Simply put, fitness is about your ability to the task you want to do without strain, difficulty or discomfort. So don’t include reasons that aren’t necessarily related to your fitness level. Instead of choosing weight loss as a reason, choose to be fitter because you enjoy moving your body. Have additional reasons to help motivate you to pursue your fitness challenges.


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Right Way

Choose the workout plans to suit your preferences and lifestyle choices. If you pick activities or fitness programs you don’t enjoy, you’re not going to stick with them for long. And yes, boredom does set in after a few weeks, so make sure you have a large number of different types of activity or exercises you can dip into. Mix it up to keep it interesting. Look at websites like TopWorkoutPrograms for inspiration and ideas of ways you can approach the fitness changes you’re looking for.

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Choose lots of different tracks to fill your workout playlists. You’ll soon find the ones that keep you going, warm you up, and pump you up when you need it. Music has a beat and helps you find that rhythm to push on. No need to blast out the sound. A quieter volume will encourage you to listen in and distract you from watching the clock so much!


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Just like going to work every morning, you should schedule in your workouts. Joining classes is ideal as it will happen at the same time in the same place every single week. Make it routine, and make it a habit. Try to avoid sessions that are too early in the morning, or too late at night. Simply feeling tired at this time of day will give you cause for canceling. Make it fit to get you fit.


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Realistic Results

Don’t do it for the results. Do it because you love it. You’re far more likely to stick with it. Don’t expect any physical shape changes overnight, or in the first week, or may even the first month. Do expect to feel stronger, faster, more energetic, and better rested after sleep. Be realistic about your commitment to it too. Life does get in the way of your good intentions from time to time. Rushing from one thing to the next will simply exhaust you before you ever get to the gym. Instead, make it an easy to enjoy part of your lifestyle. You’ll soon love the body you’re in.



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