4 Reasons Not To Be A Gym Junkie


You want to get fit, so you head to a gym. It is a reasonable and well-informed decision to make. After all, there are plenty of health benefits of hitting the gym. For one, you can mix cardio and weightlifting. By doing both, the odds of losing weight and toning up increase. Still, going to the gym isn’t an infallible fitness choice. There are lots of cons, and, for lots of people, they outweigh the positives. If you are contemplating joining a gym, here are five reasons to consider an alternative.


It’s Dangerous


The last thing anyone thinks about is their health. So, going to a comparison site such as healthinsurancequotes.co and looking up quotes seems a little odd. It might appear over the top, yet it is a savvy move for gm-goers around the world. According to eaglemat.com, 135,000 people visit ER a year because of a gym-related injury. And that isn’t the end of it. 144 have died as a result of lifting weights, and there are 3.1 injuries for every 1000 hours in the gym. Compare this to other sports and the figures don’t add up.


It’s Expensive


Hitting the gym can cost up to $50 per month. In a year, the total cost comes to $600. For most people, this doesn’t appear like a significant number. After all, it’s only a little over $12 a week. But, just think about the areas of your life that could do with the money. Let’s face it – everyone needs a vacation. $600 will pay for the flights and might even go toward the budget. And, when you think about it logically, $50 a month is expensive when you don’t have to pay a penny to exercise. Lots of people jog on the roads and get just as fit without forking out for a subscription.


It’s Busy


Paying to exercise is one thing, but doing it and not getting to use all the facilities is another. Unfortunately, there are peak times when everyone hits the weights and treadmills. At these times, working out is almost impossible. Not only do you have to wait to get a turn, lots of times you don’t get to use the facilities whatsoever. Plus, too many people can ruin your workout as they get in the way and stop you from going hard. There are ways to avoid peak times, but who wants to exercise at 11pm?


It’s Intimidating


Men find gyms hard to stomach, which makes women worse. This isn’t a gender thing; it’s a stereotype thing. Women have much more to consider when they work out. From how they look to how much they sweat, it feels as if people are regularly judging. Dealing with this in a typical environment is difficult, yet it’s twice as hard in gyms. Not only are they packed with people, but the guys who frequent gyms are “pros.” With their tank tops, protein shakes, and lack of emotion, it makes for a tense time.


Gyms have positives, but you have to figure out whether they outweigh the negatives.


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