3 Things You Need To Success In Your Fitness Goals

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A lot of us make that mistake. You know the one. The one where we don’t classify ourselves at ‘that’ kind of person. My diet failed because I’m just not good at willpower. I didn’t go for that run because I’m not naturally sporty. This kind of glass-half-empty thinking is actually the biggest barrier that stands in the way of us actually achieving those long standing wellness goals. The truth is, there are just three qualities you need in order to succeed. Here, we take you through what you really need to nail in order to re-find your motivation and succeed:


Be Prepared


As the old truism goes ‘Fail to prepare and prepare to fail’. And it’s definitely true that preparation is the key to continued success. If you don’t do your prep work, then temptation is that much harder to resist and it will sneak in at moments where we are naturally low. If you don’t do some meal prep, hunger pangs will have you forgetting all about macro-nutrients and reaching for a sugar-laden snack. If you don’t schedule in your workouts, then before you know it the evening is gone. Prioritising means putting in the time you need to get the results you want – check out these fitness products that can help you towards these goals. Just the act of making those preparations will put you in the right frame of mind to stick to your intentions and not to let your prep go to waste.


Be Patient


Nothing ever happened overnight when it comes to health and fitness, so you need to remind yourself to be patient and not to give up when those abs don’t show overnight. Instead, focus on properly celebrating the little milestones along the way. Keeping a photo diary of your progress can help you pick up on small changes along the way that you may have otherwise missed. Similarly, make sure that on your way to your ultimate goal, there are smaller, more achievable ones along the way to keep your motivation rolling. A habit forming app can help you to track progress along the way.


Be Past Perfect


One thing that can really help you out on your journey is letting go of the idea of ‘perfect’. You have to let go of this ideal because it doesn’t exist and it won’t help you- in fact, it will probably hold you back. Trying to stick to the ‘perfect’ meal plan means the first time you veer off course, you think ‘I’ve messed up now. Might as well finish this cheesecake!’. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Learn to get past perfect – your diet or exercise can be good enough, and that’s okay. You’re never going to succeed 100% of the time, and accepting that is a great skill to have. It’s not that you shouldn’t know how to set goals – it’s just that having a few set-backs is actually a part of achieving them. Forgiving yourself a mistake and stopping it before it becomes a disaster is absolutely critical. Just take a day off and start again – being able to pick it back up is more important than falling down in the first place.

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