3 Things To Eat To Aid Your Exercise


Exercising goes hand in hand with diet. It doesn’t matter how hard you train and try, if you’re not eating right you will never be able to get a new personal record on the deadlift, or run the mile faster! The way your body’s fueled determines the effectiveness of your training, so here’s 3 things you should eat to maximise your training!


Lean Meat


Lean meat is an excellent way to give your body the protein it needs. Protein is formed out of amino acids, the building blocks for your muscle. Each time you exercise, the microfibrils within your muscles tear slightly, which is why you struggle towards the end of a workout! The way you get stronger is that these tears repair, the microfibrils become stronger and in turn the entire muscle does. The way this repairing is done is through the use of proteins, so it goes without saying that if you have little protein in your diet, your muscles will never recover properly or grow! Lean meat is good for muscle recovery and growth because it contains very little in the ways of fats, salts and sugars; things that are detrimental to your fitness in large quantities. Websites such as MeatTheButchers offer a wide selection of lean meats, all you have to d is pick which one you want to eat!




Everyone knows about protein, creatine and amino acid supplements, whilst these are all very good for weight training there is another form you can get which boosts any type of training; energy. We all need energy to function, biologically it comes in the form of glucose which is represented by calories, sugars and fats. Our bodies burn up a huge amount of energy exercising, so it’s important to have the right fuel. Energy supplements are able to give you a huge boost of sugars and calories, meaning that your body has the adequate fuel to exercise without having to start burning anything else important! If you want to find more out about energy supplements, go here.




Similarly to energy supplements, fruits are capable of giving you a lot of energy for a limited amount of time. Fruits contain a monosaccharide known as Fructose, which is just a slightly different version of glucose but is treated the same by our bodies. Due to the high content of this sugar within fruit, it’s a very advisable to eat some fruit around an hour before you go to workout! This gives your body enough time to absorb the sugars present in the fruit, so that by the time you’re at the gym your blood already has enough of the respiratory materials to carry you through your workout!


So there you have it, the 3 best things to eat for aiding your exercise. Any of these 3 will greatly benefit you, you’ll find you can recover quicker, your workouts are easier, and that you can go further with each session! So why not give them a go? The absolute enemy of exercise is snacking out when you’re hungry, so if you know you’re guilty of it read this to set you on the right path!

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